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The REPORT of Unifight World Championship among boys and girls 10-11, 12-13 (June, 2013)

On 3 -7, June in the town of Medyn , Kaluga region in sports complex took World Championship among boys and girls 10-11 and junior boys and girls 12-13 years old. To participate in the competition brought together teams from around the world.

Already the first day of the competition showed the high level of training athletes. However, despite this the hard way to the semi-finals and finals are not able to pass all. Many fights ahead technically ended a painful hold and retention. To some of the guys did not happen on the obstacle course. Opening the event, President of the International Federation and the Russian Federation "Unifight", the Olympic judo champion Sergey Novikov said : " the best athletes are here together and let the best one will win!" So for the title of winner of Unifight world championship the boys and the girls fought not childish.

All four days of competition hall was full of fans, most of them - high school students of the town of Medyn. The boys excitedly looked at the performance of their peers and alive to what is happening. The hall was electrified by a muddle of emotions in it. Focus before the fight, the excitement and passion ... It seemed that all the forces of the fighters at the limit of the possible, and, as a top - the jubilation of victory or the agony of defeat.

No team was left without a medal, but, as shown by the final result, the Russian team took the lead position, the second place team of Ukraine, the third - Kazakhstan.

It is worth noting vivid performances Tjurina Ksenia (Russia), Mickiewicz Veronica and Gocheva Vesna(Ukraine), Angelina Gordeeva , Veryovochkina Mary, Ovsepian Albina (Russia), Sevincge Aliyeva (Azerbaijan), Bodrova Anastasia (Russia), Pshenichnikova Anna (Ukraine), Pelevina Elvira, Strekalovskaya Tatiana, Larina Daria (Russia), Ilya Mishchenko, twins from Irkutsk (Russia) Nelyubin George and Alexander, Alexis Pak, Pinzar Dobryni (Russia), Zelenenkov Bogdan (Ukraine), Igor Orlov (Russia), Belikov Valentine (Ukraine), Stepanyukova Eugene (Russia), Ablaeva Marlena (Ukraine), Vladislav Teetu, Pinzar Ilya (Russia) - they are the champions of the world championship in 2013.

Those who only yesterday were a contestant on the carpet, leaving the championship good friends, agreeing to meet at the following events. For these boys and girls in sport has become not just a fad, but a way of life. Unifight, in addition to education purely sporting qualities - ownership of your body, endurance, agility, accuracy, and helps to develop a purely human - honor, dignity, respect for opponents, patience, will and team spirit.

The champions and the winners were awarded with diplomas, medals and gifts. In awarding the athletes participated President of the International Federation "Unifight" (FIAU) and Novikov S., General Secretary of FIAU Nesynova T., chairman of the referee board FIAU Chumlyakov A., vice-president of the Russian Federation "Unifight", President of Moscow Federation "Unifight" Sherbakov S., Vice-President of the Russian Federation, President of the Federation of Kaluga "Unifight" Danilov Y., secretary of the Ukrainian Federation "Unifight" Zvyagintsev I. and others.

Summing up the past competitions, Novikov S. highlighted the good work of referees, doctor and staff, congratulated the athletes and their coaches with well-deserved awards and thanked the sponsors for their help in organizing Unifight world championship among boys and girls 2013: "Agrisovgaz",

"STROYTEKHMONTAZH", "Vnukovo - 3", "PhosAgro".



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