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Resolution of the Congress of FIAU
(November, 3 2007, Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

Having heard and having discussed the report of the President of FIAU Novikov S. for the period of activity 2006 - 2007, the Congress of FIAU has mentioned, that the issues, which were put in 2006 on the Congress of FIAU in Kaliningrad (Russia) on progressing of Unifight in the World, are executed, namely:

  • new National Federations are created in following countries: Israel, Turkmenistan
  • for the first time Unifight World Championship of and Unifight Europe Championship were held among children 10-13 years and young men 14-17 years;
  • World Championships and international tournaments of Unifight are promoted regularly;
  • for the first time Unifight World Championship among woman and Unifight Cup of Europe among policemen were held;
  • popularity of Sport Knife throwing is increasing as a separate discipline of Unifight;
  • for the first time cooperative training and methodical seminars were held with the participation of Russian, Romanian, and Uzbek sportsmen and specialists;
  • regularly held referee seminars by international Referee Board with the aim of increasing level of preparation of specialists of Unifight;
  • actively held scientific and methodical work on perfection of Rules of Unifight, on creation of new versions with the purpose of expansion number of groups engaged with Unifight.

At the same time FIAU has not achieved:

  • could not achieve major result in expansion of geography of National Federations in the World;

  • European continental federation was not working and in consequence of that activity of European Federation has been blocked, and in this connection FIAU has been compelled to take all responsibility on itself. The esponsible for it is the president of the European federation Mr. Leon De Wulf who has officially refused to participate on the Congress of FIAU in Tashkent and resign the President of ECIFAU (E-mail letter from the 14th of October);
  • the majority of National Federations does not following article about annual membership fees of Charter;
  • the majority of National Federations does not develop Sport throwing of a knife and does not participate in these competitions;
  • the majority of National Federations not promoting their national championships of Unifight.;
  • the National Federations do not expanding and frequently have no material technical base;
  • The majority of National Federations not developing children and youth direction, do not involving to Unifight girls and woman (Latvia, Estonia, Czech, Slovakia, Moldova, Belgium, Romania, Tajikistan, France).

The congress has decided:

  1. to recognize activity of the Executive Committee of FIAU for period 2006-2007 years satisfactory;
  2. to recognize activity of the referee's board for an accounting period satisfactory;
  3. to recognize activity of the progressing commission of Unifight in the world satisfactory;
  4. to accept in structure of FIAU National Federations of Unifight of following countries: Israel, Turkmenistan;
  5. To remove from structure of the Executive Committee:
    • Mr. Manouchehri (IRAN) member of Executive Committee;
    • Mr.Leon De Wulf vice - president (Belgium)
    To elect to the Executive Committee:
    • Mr.Shegolev Igor (Russia) as a vice - president
    • Mr.Gafarov Yakov (Israel) - as a member of Executive Committee
    • Mr.Moosa Bakhshaei (Iran) as a member of Executive Committee
    • Mr.Pavlov Alexander (Lithania) as a member of Executive Committee
    • Mr. Praveen Ranka (India) - as a member of Executive Committee
  6. To recommend the Congress of the European Federation Unifight to consider the matter of activity of the President of European Federation Unifight Mr. De Wulf and consider the matter of his further presidential powers on position of the President of European Federation Unifight.
  7. To affirm a plan - calendar of competitions of FIAU for 2008;
  8. To approve of conception of new versions of Unifight: Unifight Light and Unifight Semi - light, and work on Rules of new versions until January 1, 2008;
  9. To oblige all the National Federations, beginning 2008 to promote competitions of Unifight among children and girls age of 10-13, young men and girls age of 14- 17, juniors and junior girls age of -18-19 and woman;
  10. To improve and promote National competitions of Knife Throwing both among boys and men and girls and women;
  11. To confer the international qualifying ranks to a number of the sportsmen, coaches, referees, the members of the Executive Committee of FIAU and sponsors agrees of the enclosed list . Among the winners, whom one assigns the Highest qualifying rank Bear (for issued merits in promotion of Unifight )
    • Tashkhodjaev Sardor vice-president of FIAU, President of Asian Federation of Unifight
    • Imanazarov Gulyam the President of Uzbekistan Unifight Federation
    • Nasirov Akhat the Chairman of Centre of Oriental Single Combat and Martial Arts of Uzbekistan
  12. To oblige all National Federations to transfer membership fees until the January 1, 2008 to FIAU account (Lithuania)
  13. To enter World Anti Doping Agency (WADA)



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