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Of the Congress of FIAU (October 24, 2008, Kaliningrad, RUSSIA)

Having heard and having discussed the report of the President of FIAU Novikov S. for the period of activity of FIAU of the period from 2004 to 2008, the Congress of FIAU has mentioned, that the issues, which were put in on the previous Congresses of FIAU on progressing of "Unifight" in the World, are executed, namely:

  • 12 new National Federations are created in following countries: France, Georgia, Argentina, Belgium, Tajikistan, Pakistan, India, Israel, Kirgizia, Turkmenistan, Iran, Belarussia.
  • Asian continental Federation of Unifight was created, which successfully develops. Asian Championships are held annually.
  • The new EC of European Federation of Unifight (ECIFAU) was elected and was registered in Azerbaijan. European competitions among children, youth and juniors are held.
  • Unifight is developing in CISM (International Council of military sport): Unifight Regional Championship among armed forces men with participation of 6 countries (Russia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizia, Kazakhstan) was held as the stage of confirmation of Unifight in CISM . In accordance with the schedule of competitions of 2008 of European CISM Unifight European Championship is to be held in 2008 in Azerbaijan.
  • Two Unifight International Cups among policemen were held in Romania.
  • World Unifight Championships among children (boys and girls) 10-11, 12-13 years old, among youth (boys and girls) 14-15, 16-17 years old and among juniors (boys and girls)18-20 years old are held.
  • Unifight is developing among women. The 2nd Unifight World Championship is held .
  • World Championships of Sport throwing a knife are held annually.
  • The Rules of light and semi-light Unifight are prepared. Next year the competitions of these versions are planned to be held.
  • National and World Championships of Winter Unifight are planned to held

At the same time EC of FIAU has not achieved:

  • Can not achieve major results in the expansion of geography of creating the National Federations of Unifight in America and Africa.
  • National Unifight Championships are not held in the majority of the countries.
  • It is small attention for developing Unifight among women.
  • It is small attention for developing Unifight among children, youth and juniors. National Unifight Championships among these age categories are not held.
  • It is poor work for preparing couches and instructors, referees of Unifight in the National Federations.
  • the majority of National Federations does not following article of Charter about annual membership fee . On account of financial difficulties FIAU has no possibility to improve material and technical base, scientific work, to advertise and promote Unifight in the World.
  • the majority of National Federations do not develop " Sport throwing of a knife " and do not participate in these competitions.

The congress has decided:

1. recognize the activity of the Executive Committee of FIAU for the period 2004-2008 years satisfactory;

2. recognize the activity of the referee's board for an accounting period satisfactory;

3. recognize the activity of the progressing commission of Unifight in the world satisfactory;

4. accept in the structure of FIAU National Federations of "Unifight" of following countries: Belorussia, Iran.

5. remove from the structure of FIAU in connection of stopping the activity National federations of Serbia, Montenegro, Swiss, Kazakhstan.

6. elect to the Executive Committee for the period of 2008-2012 years :

  • Novikov Sergey (Russia) - the president of FIAU
  • Shegolev Igor (Russia) - the 1st vice - president
  • Alimkhanov Andrey (Russia) - the 1st vice-president
  • Gasanov Aser (Azerbaijan) - the 1st as the 1st vice-president
  • Aliev Natig (Azerbaijan) - vice-president
  • Tashkhodjaiev Sardor (Uzbekistan) - vice-president
  • Mikhalaki Vladimir (Moldova) - vice-president
  • Pavlov Alexander (Lithuania) - vice-president
  • Kouznetsov Oleg (Latvia) - vice-president
  • Constantin-Lasenko Marian (Romania) - member of the Executive Committee
  • Csala Gabriel (Slovakia)- member of the Executive Committee
  • Yelinek Miroslav (Czech) - member of the Executive Committee
  • Krasovskiy Andrey (Belorussia) - member of Executive Committee
  • Novikov Nikita (Ukraine) - member of Executive Committee;
  • Praveen Ranka (India) - member of Executive Committee ;
  • Makhmadrasulov Bobodjon ( Tadjikistan)- member of Executive Committee
  • Mastov Fadi (Syria) - member of Executive Committee
  • Nesynova Tatiana (Russia) - General secretary of FIAU
  • Bogdanavicious Vladas (Lithuania) - treasure of FIAU

7. elect the Chief of referee's board of FIAU Chumliakov Andrey.

8. elect the Chief of the commission of development of Unifight in the World Ashkinazi Sergey.

9. affirm the schedule of competitions of FIAU for 2009.

10. affirm the Regulations of the versions of Unifight: "Unifight Light" and "Unifight Semi - light".

11. oblige all the National Federations, beginning from 2009 to promote in their countries Unifight competitions among children and girls of age 10-13 years old , young boys and girls age of 14- 17 years old, juniors boys and girls of age 18-20 years old , among men and woman, Sport throwing a knife .

12. assign the duty of each member of the EC of FIAU to create a new national federation of Unifight.

13. held National and World Championships of Winter Unifight.

14. subtract the annual membership fee to FIAU from the Prize fund from the sportsmen of National Federation which do not pay it.



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