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About business trip to Turkey (Antalya) participating in CISM European Liason Office members' Meeting (November 26-29 2005a.)

Under the invitation of CISM European Liaison Office members' Meeting (International military sports council) in the period оn the 26 - 29th of November the delegacy has visited Turkey (Antalya) for participation in CISM European Liaison Office members' Meeting in the following structure:

The president of Russian Sport Federation "Unifight", President of International Federation "Unifight" (FIAU) Novikov S.; the vice-president of Russian Sport Federation "Unifight" , the adviser of the President of Russia general Aslakhanov A.; the chief of Russian delegation in CISM, the vice president of Russian Sport Federation "Unifight" colonel Lukashov V; the vice-president of European Federation

"Unifight", President of Sport Federation " Unifight " of Bashkortostan Jernovkov A.; the vice-president of the Russian Sport Federation "Unifight", Executive Director of the Russian Sport Federation "Unifight" Nesynova T.

On the 27th of November Mr. Aslakhanov A. has acted with the report " Army. Police. Security ", in which he has given the information on realization in Moscow in 2006 the World Games among policemen and military men with demonstrating of photographs of sporting objects of Moscow. He has addressed to CISM European Liaison Office members' Meeting with a request to consider the problem of participation of the sportsmen - servicemen of European countries in World Games.

On the 28th of November Mr. Novikov S. has acted with the report " Concept of progressing of Unifight as a military kind of sports and universal means of physical preparation of the servicemen" , in which he has lighted the operation of International Federation amateur "Unifight" (FIAU), has given the analysis of progressing "Unifight" in the World and Europe, applied of this kind of sport in Armed Forces for an example of conducting International Unifight match meeting among Armed forces servicemen ( on the 19th of July 2005, St.-Petersburg). DVD-Film about this match meeting was demonstrated. In July, 2006 in S-Petersburg is planned to conduct an Open regional Unifight championship among the servicemen of European countries, which will begin a procedure of acceptance of this kind of sports in CISM. The president of FIAU also congratulated the again elected Board of Directors , in the person of vice- president for Europe Mr. Bengt Nylander (Sweden) .

During CISM European Liaison Office members' Meeting the numerous meetings with the councilors of the Directors were conducted, and also the chiefs of delegations of countries which are included in CISM, during which were discussed problems of acceptance " Unifight " in CISM. Practically all the representatives spoke for a positive solution of this problem. They liked this kind of sport.

Российская делегация: Президент ФИАУ Новиков С., 1-й вице-президент Европейской Федерации "Унифайт" Жерновков А., представитель Спорткомитета ВС РФ  полковник Атласкин В. выступление Президента ФИАУ Новикова С.
Президент ФИАУ Новиков С.  и вице-президент СИЗМ полковник  Бенг Ниландер (Швеция) Президент Новиков С. и технический секретарь комиссии дзюдо СИЗМ. профессор Калина Р.
поздравление с избранием  нового Совета Директоров Европейского СИЗМ делегация России с членами делегации Болгарии
делегация России с членами делегации Франции





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