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About trip of a delegation of International Federation " UNIFIGHT" in Japan

In period from August 19 till August 25 this year sporting delegation of International Federation " Unifight" in composition: the president of Federation Novikov S., chairman of a referee board of Federation "Unifight " Chumliakov A., President of Federation " Unifight " of the Republic Bashkortostan Jernovkov A., twice World champion of " Unifight ", master of sports Repin E., under the invitation of the principals of Club J-do (Kobe) have visited Japan.

The accepting side has offered the broad program for the visitors, but the main objective of trip of our delegation was to be acquainted with a training methodology of the fighters of J-do, with equipment of halls for fight by a training equipment and implement, and also to acquaint the home players with a content of Unifight and reachings of International Federation in popularization of this kind of single combats in other countries of the world.

In conclusion of stay of a delegation, under the arrangement of the sides, the duels between fighters of two directions of single combats were held: Unifight and J-do. These two directions of struggle are developed under the identical requirements and rules, on use about similar of tricks shock and throw technique, under the enumeration of forbidden receptions tricks, possibility therefore has appeared to conduct duels between fighters of two schools.

In Kobe at a considerable amount of the spectators, that testifies to concern of the great interest of Japanese coaches to Unifight, the duel of the twice World champion of " Unifiight " in weight 60kg Repin E. and fighter of J-do Okamoto in weight 90kg was held. Despite of a considerable odds in weight, more throw technique and tactics of a conduct of combat has allowed Repin to neutralize advantages of the contender in weight and throw technique (at the expense of blocking captures of the contender) and to the full to utillize the exclusive mobility on tatami and shock technique in counter-attacks. In the third round (the duel consist of 3 roundes for 3 minutes) rational tactics of support of a duel by Repin has had an effect to the full, and the fight under an applause of the spectators was completed, which one on advantage and is objective have estimated the russian sportsman, shown beautiful fight. Allowing that the fight was more demonstration character, the referrees in this fight have declared a drawn game.

The President of International Federation " Unifight" Novikov S. and the President of Club J-do Mr. Yamashita Ryuchi have informed each other about the sorts of sports. The occurring was completed in an extremely friendly decor, by a result of a meeting was the desire of Mr.Yamashita to develop Unifight in Japan, to create Federation in Japan and to participate in the World and Asia Championships of Unifight.

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