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Press-release of International Tournament of Winter Unifight in the frames of cultural program of the 7th Asian Winter Games 2011 (4 February 2011, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Monitoring of the development of summer and winter Olympic sports shows that the number of winter sports is practically not growing and the need for bright, spectacular events that will attract large numbers of fans there. In addition, the recent Winter Olympics (Vancouver, 2010), only 4 Asian countries won medals - South Korea, China, Japan and Kazakhstan. And the Summer Olympics in Beijing (2008) in different types of martial arts 12 Asian countries (China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, South Korea, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, India, Japan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan) have won 57 medals out of 171. This is 33,3%! That is, every third medal in the martial arts has been won by athletes from Asia!

Therefore, winter sport, which includes combat, potentially significantly expands the ability of Asian countries to increase their medal competition at the Olympics.

The idea of creating such a sport has been declared by Olympic judo champion Sergei Novikov and Professor Sergey Ashkenazi at the international scientific congress "Modern Olympic Sport and Sport for All" in 2002 in Warsaw. In 2003 the first rules of competition of Winter Unifight (authors – Novikov S., Ashkenazi S., Chumlyakov A.) were developed.

The International Federation of Winter Unifight was registered in Lithuania (Vilnius). President of the federation is the Olympic judo champion Sergei Novikov (Russia).

The main task that confronts the federation - the universal promotion of Winter Unifight with the further inclusion of this sport in the winter program of the Asian and Olympic Games.

In the first world championship of Winter Unifight (March, 2010, Russia) participated athletes from 20 countries, including those from Africa and Asia, Latin and North America , Europe. Each country exhibited by two athletes (male and female).

In the upcoming International Tournament "Winter Unifight" in the frame of the cultural program of the 7 th Asian Winter Games in 2011 will be attended by athletes from 4 Asian countries - Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

According to the regulations of the tournament a man (weight category up to 80kg) and one woman (weight category 57 kg) from each country will participate.

At the first stage the athlete running on a classic ski course (2 circles, sprints every circle - up to 200 meters) shooting at target pneumatic pistol from a distance of 10 meters after passing the 1 st round. Do not hit the target when firing punished with penalty points. 1 Promo - 1 point, which is credited his opponent in the second round.

An athlete who finished first in the sprint race ski with a difference of more than 20 seconds, receives an additional premium assessment at 1 point, which is credited to him in Round 2, for every subsequent 15 seconds of the benefits accrue an additional 1 point.

Win a ski sprint race with shooting count as one win the round.

If the contestant, who finished second, behind the first participant in more than 60 seconds, it will be removed from the fight, while his opponent is awarded to a clear victory.

Duel in the snow. Before the match the athlete lifts in ski boots and puts on a special shoe. At a given 1 minute.

Duel in the snow is over the rules of competition "Light Unifight" - 2 rounds of 2 minutes of pure time. The break between rounds - 30 seconds. Allowed only a technique of combat in the position at attention. During free throws are awarded points. Throw on his back - a clear victory.

Competitions are held on the Olympic system of elimination after the first defeat.

This sport is supposed to be included in the official cultural program of XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi (2014).



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