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The Report
of the report-election Congress of ECIFAU
(December 10, 2011, Ukraine. Kiev)

December 10, 2011, the reporting and election Congress of the European Continental International Federation "Unifight" was held in Kiev in which elections of the President and the Executive Committee of ECIFAU were held.

ECIFAU Congress adopted the following resolutions:

1. According to the results of the Report of the Executive Committee of ECIFAU decision was made:

"To recognize the work of the Executive Committee of ECIFAU during the reporting period 2007 – 2011 years as satisfactory "

2.In the composition of ECIFAU adopted the following European National Federations:

    1. Russian "Sports Federation" Unifight ";
    2. Ukrainian Sports Federation "Unifight";
    3. Lithuanian Federation "Unifight";
    4. Latvian Federation "Unifight";
    5. Bulgarian federation "Unifight";
    6. Estonian Federation "Unifight";
    7. Moldavian Federation "Unifight";
    8. Federation of Azerbaijan "Unifight";
    9. Czech Federation "Unifight and Winter Unifight";
    10. Georgian Federation of the Union "Unifighting";
    11. The Belgian Federation "Unifight";
    12. The Israeli Federation "Unifight";
    13. Belarusian Federation "Unifight";
    14. The German Federation "Unifight";
    15. The Finnish Federation "Unifight and Winter Unifight";
    16. Montenegro federation "Unifight and Winter Unifight";
    17. French Federation "Unifight and Winter Unifight";
    18. Greek federation "Unifight and Winter Unifight";
    19. Armenian Federation of "Unifight and Winter Unifight";
    20. Romanian federation "Winter Unifight."

3. Approved by the Executive Committee of ECIFAU for 2011 – 2015 years.

    1.Kondrashov Alexander - President of the European continental International Amateur Federation "Unifight" (Ukraine);
    2. Weinberg Alexander - Vice-President of ECIFAU (Russia);
    3.Hamidov Babek - Vice - President of ECIFAU (Azerbaijan);
    4.Kolesnik Andrey - Vice - President ECIFAU (Russia);
    5.Chata – Chitiga Marius - Vice – President of ECIFAU (Romania);
    6.Dvoynikov Valery - Member of the Executive Committee of ECIFAU (Belgium);
    7.Starek Peter - member of the Executive Committee of ECIFAU (Czech Republic);
    8.Kuznets Alexander - Secretary General of ECIFAU (Ukraine);
    9.Illiadis Moses - member of the Executive Committee of ECIFAU (Greece);
    10. Nutsubidze Vladimir - member of the Executive Committee of ECIFAU (Georgia);
    11 Dodonov Victor (Ukraine) - member of the Executive Committee of ECIFAU (Ukraine);
    12. Treasurer of ECIFAU - will be elected in due course.

4. Santatskas Audrius (Lithuania) was elected as a Chairman of the Board of referees of ECIFAU.

5. To approve the schedule of ECIFAU 2012.

6. To approve the annual membership of the national federations of ECIFAU - 200$. Payment is made before February, 1 of this year.

7. To approve residence of headquarters ECIFAU, as well as current account of ECIFAU-Kiev (Ukraine)

8. Implementation Rules of "Unifight" decision: every athlete should have 2 sets of sports uniform of red and blue, and for personal hygiene use in competitions only his own personal form. The Board of referees , coaches, presidents of national federations, all professionals should raise the requirements for the implementation of these questions. To carry out the Regulations of the competitions.



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