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f Unifight European Championship (24-29, June 2013)

On the 29th of June 2013 in the port town of Iljichevsk that is 16 km from the city-hero of Odessa, the Unifight European championship among men and women was finished.

Competitors from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and other countries gathered on June, 25 at the Sports Hall "Youth" at the opening of the European Championship.

Welcoming words and wishes of sports victories and gold medals were applied to the competitors:

The representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Mudry Y.

Head of the Department of Youth and Sports the town of Ilichevsk Fursova S.

Head of the Department of Navy of the Odessa Military Academy, Colonel Chumak S.

President of the International Amateur Federation Unifight Novikov S.

Vice-President of the Georgian Federation Unifight Vashakidze George;

The representative of the Ukrainian Federation of Professional Security, General - Major Ermakov Yuri,

Chairman of the international referee board Chumlyakov A.;

Vice-President of the Russian Federation "Unifight" Danilov Y.;

The festive atmosphere of the championship was supported by the participants of the studios of Dancing of the town of Ilichevsk.

On the same day the first semifinal fights on the light unifight were held. On Wednesday, June 26, the finals of European Championship on the light unifight finished.

European champions among men (light) are: Giunashvili Lasha (Georgia, 60kg), Bulai Dumitru (Moldova, 65kg), Mescheryakov Sergey (Russia, 70kg), Bragin Roman (Russia, 75kg), Ulezlov Anton (Ukraine, 80kg), Farzaliev Muradkhan (Azerbaijan, 85kg), Gviniashvili Paata (Georgia, 90kg), Salmin Alexei (Russia, 95kg), Vasiliev Evgeny (Russia, 95kg).

European champions among women (light) are: Baykova Tatiana (Russia, 48 kg), Primak Nina (Ukraine, 52kg), Primak Lina (Ukraine, 57kg), Sharadze Shorena (Georgia, 63kg), Yavorskaya Vladlena (Ukraine, 70kg), Abyzova Ekaterina (Russia, 78kg), Leonidze Irine (Georgia, 78kg).

Then Unifight European championship competition was held in classical unifight. In all weight categories among men was a close contest for the title of champion of Europe (classic).

European champions among men (classic) are: Lazukov Evgeny (Russia, 60kg), Balovin Evgeny (Russia, 65kg), Malamagomedov Ramazan (Ukraine, 70kg), Huseynov Mobil (Azerbaijan, 75kg), Mustapayev Ramil (Russia, 80kg), Zubach Alexei (Ukraine, 85kg), IbragimovTamerlan (Russia, 90kg), Kurilsky Artem (Russia, 95kg), Pavlovich Sergei (Russia, 95kg).

Representatives are believed to be the weaker sex in the fight for the title of European champion showed their strong character, marksmanship and strong punch in the ring.

European champions among women (classic) are: Mordvina Lyubov(Russia, 48 kg), Primak Nina (Ukraine, 52kg) Luzgina Lyubov (Russia, 57kg), Rozhkova Nadejda(Russia, 63kg), Yavorskaya Vladlena (Ukraine, 70kg ), Abyzova Ekaterina (Russia, 78kg), Ampleeva Maria (Russia, 78kg).

The teams competition were awarded: the 1st place - Russia , the 2nd place - Ukraine and the 3rd place - Azerbaijan.

During the Championship, a meeting was held with participation of the President of the International Amateur Federation Unifight Novikov Sergey , the representative of "Unifight" in Turkey Mr. Adem Yalcin, where discussed the development of unifight and holding national competitions in Turkey. At the meeting, also participated the Secretary-General of the International Amateur Federation Unifight Nesynova Tatiana, General Secretary of the European Federation "Unifight" Kouznets Alexander, the 1st vice-president of FIAU, the President of Azerbaijan federation "Unifight" Hasanov Azer and the Inspector of Unifight European Championship , the Vice-President of the Russian Federation "Unifight", Chairman of the referee board of Russian Federation "Unifight" Chumlyakov Andrey.

Organizers - The European Federation "Unifight" and the Ukrainian federation "Unifight" made everything possible to held the European Championships in a warm and friendly atmosphere to the competitors who returning home with fond memories and a desire to come back to Ukraine for the next competition.

The Executive Committee of the International Amateur Federation Unifight is grateful for the support and organization of competitions the Mayor of the town Ilichevsk Hmelnyuk Valery, the collective of European and Ukrainian Federation Unifight at the head of the President Kondrashov Alexander , the leadership of Odessa federation Unifight.



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