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The Report of Unifight European Championship among boys and girls 14-15, 16-17 years old

European championship among boys and girls in the age groups 14-15 and 16-17 years was completed July 18, 2013 in Azerbaijan, in the foothills of the Caucasus, in the town of Qusar, the Olympic Sports Complex.

Athletes from Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Turkey and other countries competed for the title of champion in the light and classic Unifight.

At the competition represented the Russian national team of fighters from the cities of Samara, Tver, Kemerovo, Surgut and the Republic of Dagestan.

Referee board was headed by a referee of the international category "A" class Anatoly Mikula (Ukraine).

The Winners in the age group of 14-15 years among girls and boys in the light unifight were:

- Alekseyenko Angelina Russia (up to 52kg) and Aryukova Alina (up to 52kg),

- Lishchinskiy Taras (Ukraine, up to 45kg), Hajizade Telman (Azerbaijan up to 50kg), Gizatullin Danis (Russia, up to 55kg), Karimov Elnur (Azerbaijan, 60kg), Schultz Eugene (Russia, 65 kg), Memedli Ismail (Azerbaijan, to 70kg), Biyik Hakan (Turkey, sv.75 ).

The Winners in the age group of 16-17 years among girls and boys in the light unifight were:

- Bakhishova Aida (Azerbaijan, to 57kg) and Subbotina Anastasia (Russia, up to 62 kg).

- the young men in the weight category up to 55, 60 and 65 kg on the top step of the podium went up fighters of Azerbaijan - Babaev Elmin Aliyev Asim, Gasanly Bakhtiar.

- Athletes from Russia took first place in the weight category up to 70 kg and over 80 kg - Nuraliev Botyr and Shpagin Alexander, in the 75 kg category was won by Plakhotny Sergey (Ukraine).

The winners in the classic unifight among youths 14-15 years, most gold medals were the hosts of the championship, in the Republic of Azerbaijan - Tagiyev (55kg), Dzhabarov Nijat (up to 60kg), Aleskerzade Kamram (65 kg), Allakhverdiyev Zabil (up to 70kg) . Vadim Lugansky (Russia) won in the weight category up to 45kg, Ukrainian fighter Pilipciuk Nazariy-up to 50kg, fighter from Turkey Hakan Baikit - over 70kg. Girls in this age group were not.

In the age group 16-17 years among women Aryukova Alina from Russia won in a single weight class - up to 57kg.

The young men of the main struggle was between athletes from Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Russia. European Championship gold medals were awarded - Boyarchuk Maxim (Ukraine, to 55kg), Zalov Turab (Azerbaijan, 60kg), Salmanov Vyacheslav (Russian to 65kg), Gurbanov Gurban (Azerbaijan, to 70kg), Plakhotny Sergey (Ukraine, up to 75kg ) and Guliyev Deriya (Azerbaijan, +80kg).

In the unofficial team record the 1st place - Azerbaijan, the 2nd place - Russia, 3rd place- Ukraine.

In the first autumn month, from 16 - 21 of September in Russia, in the town of Medyn boys and girls of the same age groups will gather to participate in Unifight World Championship.



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