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Unifight World Championship is starting

On the 12th of November, 2013 , in the town of Medyn , in sports club Russian fight ," was the opening of Unifight World Championship among men and women . Athletes of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan , Azerbaijan, India, Lithuania , Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan , Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and other countries came face off speed , accuracy , agility , and strength.

The welcoming words at the opening of the championship were from President of the International Amateur Federation Unifight Novikov Sergey ; the first vice -president of FIAU , President of the Federation of Azerbaijan Hasanov Azer; a member of the Executive Committee of FIAU , vice-president of the Federation of the Republic of Tajikistan Karimov Sobir and the President of the National Federation Unifight " India Singh Vishal.

Program of the of the opening ceremony of the Championship "decorated" their dance with folk songs by ensemble Viva-Dance of the town of Kaluga under the direction of artistic director and choreographer Vazhesova Alena . Young athletes from the military sports club "Dawn" of Moscow , under the guidance of the coach Vashin A., demonstrated techniques of fighting the ring.

On November, 13 were preliminary and semi-final Unifight "light ."

On the same day the Congress of the International Federation of the Asian Unifight ( ACIFAU ) . The main issues on the agenda of the Congress was the election of the president of the international Federation of Asian continental Unifight, the composition of the Executive Committee , the Secretary General .

President of the International Federation Unifight of Asia ( ACIFAU ) was unanimously elected Karimov Sobir (Tajikistan ), Vice - Presidents - Vishal Singh ( India), Musa Bakhshei (Iran ), Chekirov Kenjebek, the Secretary General - Oleg Grishin (Tajikistan ).



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