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Determination of the champions of Unifight World Championship "light" ...

The third day of Unifight World Championship that takes place in the town of Medyn , in Sports Hall " Russian fight" , defined the champions and the winners of Unifight World Champions "light ."

Among women, the title of Champion of the World and all gold medals of the championship in their respective weight classes won the Russian athletes :

Baykova Tatiana (up to 48kg) , Dubinina Elena (up to 52kg) , Konkina Anastasia (up to 57 kg) , Shlyakhtina Maria (up to 63kg) , Kryukova Olga (up to 70kg) , Abyzova Catherine (up to 78kg) , Hakimova Elena ( +78kg) .

Among men became world champions : Alexander Kvachev (up to 60kg , Russia) , Dmitry Shcherbakov (up to 65kg , Russia ) , Kurbanov Orhan (up to 70 kg, Azerbaijan), Bragin Roman (up to 75kg , Russia) , Sergei Sergeev (up to 80 kg, Russia) , Farzaliev Muradkhan (up to 85 kg, Azerbaijan), Massimov Tahir (up to 90 kg, Azerbaijan), Alexei Salmin (up to 95 kg, Russia) , Neganov Maxim ( sv.95kg , Russia)

For the quickest win in the ring, 6 seconds , the athlete from Russia Kryukova Olga, in the weight category up to 70kg , was awarded by an honorary diploma of Union of Veterans of Special Forces " Maroon Beret ". Among men, those diplomas from the hands of the President of the Union of Veterans of Special Forces - Dunaev Vladimir got Alexei Shcherbakov for the best score on the obstacle ( 37seconds ) and Salminen Alexey for a clear victory in the ring (5 seconds).

After the ceremony of awarding the winners of Unifight "light" , the Congress of International Amateur Federation «Unifight» was held in which representatives of national federations of Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania , Finland, Sweden, Iran , India, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries participated. On the agenda of the Congress were the reports for the period 2012- 2013 of the President FIAU Novikov Sergey, the head of referee board of FIAU Chumlyakov Andrey; approval of the schedule of competitions for 2014 ; development plans for a new discipline of Unifight " Unifight Submission Grappling" and other issues.



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