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The fights for the title of Unifight world champion. World Championship finished ...

On Sunday, November 17, Unifight World Championship final duels between men and women were held. Exciting fights took place between the challengers for the title of champion . But some athletes without a fight inferior to their rivals in the league championship , and fatigue affected the injuries .

The winners among women: Mordvina Lubov (up to 48kg, Russia), Olesya Evdokimova (up to 52kg, Russia) , Luzgina Lubov ( do57 kg, Russia), Olga Safronova (up to 63kg , Russia), Yavorskaya Vladlena (up to 70 kg, Ukraine), Abyzova Catherine (up to 78 kg, Russia), Maria Ampleeva (over 78kg , Russia);

The winners among men - Lazukov Eugene (up to 60kg, Russia), Balovin Eugene (up to 65 kg, Russia), Daniel Voevodin (up to 70kg, Russia), Ilya Kushnerik (up to 75kg, Russia), Aliev Nijat (up to 80kg, Azerbaijan), Davydov Denis (up to 85kg, Russia), Kolesnychenko Alexey (up to 90kg, Russia), Agaverdiev Rasim (up to 95kg, Russia), Pavlovich Sergei ( +95kg, Russia) .

In the team competition the Russian team was won the first place, second place - the team of the Republic of Uzbekistan , the third - team of the Republic of Azerbaijan .

In awarding the champions and winners of Unifight World Championship were: Head of Administration " Medynskiy area" Kozlov Nikolai , the deputy head of the Moscow office of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Combine Borshchenko Alexis , President of the International Amateur Federation «Unifight» Novikov Sergey , Vice President of the Russian Federation "Unifight" Braga Nicholai, Ashkenazi Sergei , Danilov Yuri, vice - president of FIAU Hasanov Azer , president of the Asian continental federation «Unifight» Karimov Sobir.



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