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21.01.2014. Championship of Russia among boys and girls 10-11, 12-13 years old.

January, 20 in Sport Hall Russian fight in Medyn, competition among boys and girls 10-11, 12-13 years for the title of winner of the championship of Russia began. The competitions were attended by about young sportsmen from different regions of Russia - Tver, Irkutsk, Ryazan, Arkhangelsk, Moscow, Saratov, Bryansk and Samara oblasts, cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Republic of Bashkortostan.

On the first day of the competitions were held preliminary fights. In the evening of the same day, 18 hours, the ceremony of opening of the Championship began. All young sportsmen, dressed in a red and blue kimono, listened attentively to the speech of welcome of the President of the all-Russian sports Federation Unifight, judo Olympic champion in Sergey Novikov.

Greeting the participants of the competition came Deputy Head of the administration of the town of Medyn and with the wishes of success and further victories appealed to the athletes and their parents, the General Secretary of the Federation of Nesynova Tatiana, Chairman of referees Board Chumliakov A . In the end of the official opening the President of the Federation made a master training , inviting to tatami one of the participants of the championship, what young athletes we applauded and admired.

January, 22 Unifight championship competitions continued of semi-fights among young athletes. Exciting emotional fights, which determined the finals, were accompanied with cheers and tears of disappointment after the defeat, both the athletes and the fans. It was not without a broken nose and bruises, but the boys and girls bravely overcome these troubles.

Yesterday finals determined the winners and winners of the championship. After completions of these matches was held rewarding. Winners of the championship were awarded with diplomas and medals of the all-Russian Federation of Unifight , and the memory in the gift of a poster competition. Coaches of winners of the championship were awarded by diplomas.

Today championship team competition continued. The Cup of the winner team championship came away with a team of Arkhangelsk region. The second place took the team of Saint Petersburg, the third-the team of the Kaluga region.

Championship of Russia on winter universal battle among boys and girls 11-13 years, scheduled immediately after the team championship, due to the low temperature of the air in the Kaluga region had to cancel.



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