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24.02.2014 Championship of Russia among boys and girls 14-17 years completed ...

Unifight Championship of Russia among boys and girls 14-15 , 16-17 completed in the town of Medyn , Kaluga region on February, 23 - the Day of Defender of Motherland and the closing day of Winter Olympics Games in Sochi.

Competitions were interesting, exciting , over 300 athletes from thirty subjects of the Russian Federation participated. The largest delegations were from the region of Irkutsk, St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk and Samara .

In the beginning , athletes competed for the title of the winner of the championship in the discipline of " unifight - light ."

On February, 19 and the following three days , the competition continued in the discipline " unifight " and here is not without broken noses and bruises. Interesting , exciting fights of athletes accompanied by emotional support of teams and coaches. According to the opinion of the members of the referee” board , very increased sportsmanship and technique among boys and girls in comparison with the last year.

The champions and winners of competitions were awarded by medals and diplomas of the Ministry of Sports of Russia.

Unifight Cup championship among teams was also held. Each team was represented by 13 athletes (6 girls and 7 boys) in different weight classes and age groups. Victory in these team competitions won by athletes from Irkutsk region , the second place - the team from Arkhangelsk region, the third place - Kaluga region. In a festive mood , with a victory and cups teams returned to home.



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