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07.04.2014. European Championship among children Unifight completed ...

On the 6th, April, Unifight European Championship among boys and girls 10-11, 12-13 years ended. Competitions were held in Sporthall Russian fight " in the town of Medyn , Kaluga region. The main organizer of the event was the European continental amateur federation Unifight (ECIFAU), headed by the Secretary General Kuznets Alexander , refereeing under the leadership of Chief referee - Mikula Anatoliy (Ukraine).

At the opening ceremony of the competition , which was held on April, 4 , with a welcoming speech before the young athletes and their parents were: President of the International Amateur Federation Unifight Novikov Sergey and Secretary General of FIAU Nesynova Tatiana, General Secretary ECIFAU Kuznets Alexander, the member of the Board of FIAU Danilov Jury.

"Unifight" Russian Federation was the host and took the costs of accommodation and meals for 15 young athletes from Ukraine.

Competitions were held in two age groups : 10-11 and 12-13 years . With great interest and excitement of watching what is happening on the tatami parents who accompanied their children attending the championship. Some young athletes emotionally perceived their defeat, tears welling in their eyes from the insults ... Not without injuries and bruises.

Winners of the European championship were:

among girls 10 - 11years: Kerimova Hayala (Azerbaijan, up to 25kg ) , Khoroshevskaya Victoria (Ukraine to 28kg ) , Rusak Marina ( Russia , to 32kg ) Svyazhina Alexander ( Russia , to 37kg ) Stukalenko Olga (Ukraine, to 42kg ) , Kvasnikova Anastasia ( Russia , + 42kg );

among girls 12-13 years old: Bodrova Anastasia ( Russia , to 37kg ) , Baltykova Martin ( Russia , to 42kg ), Ribachuk Maria (Ukraine, to 47kg ), Mytareva Ekaterina ( Russia , +47kg );

among boys 10-11 years: Denis Mironov ( Russia, to 28kg ), Revensky Nikolai ( Russia, to 31kg ), Solopov Roman ( Russia , to 35kg ) , Moscovskiy Nikita (Russia, to 40kg ), Mishunin Akim ( Russia , to 45kg ) , Babin Ilya ( Russia , sv.45kg );

among boys 12 13years old: Parfenov Maxim (Ukraine to 35kg ) , Kostynyuk David (Ukraine, to 40kg ) , Orlov Igor ( Russian to 45kg) , Gvozdevskii Dmitry ( Russia , 50kg ) , Dushechkin Semyon ( Russia, to 55kg ) , Skorobagatov Vladislav (Ukraine, +55kg ) .

All winners were awarded by medals and diplomas of the European continental amateur international federation Unifight.



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