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30.06.2014. European Championship is over, will meet in the fall ...

On the 28th, June in the town of Medyn, Kaluga region Unifight European Championship among men and women ended. More than 200 athletes from Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania, Azerbaijan and other countries participated in this event.

Russian national team athletes spent training before the championship, where under the guidance of the head coach Platonov Andrey and the coach Vladimir Ivanov honing their skills not only at the obstacle course, but in the ring, which has a positive impact on the performance results of Russian athletes.

Opening ceremony was held on the 24th of June and it was attended by the President of International Amateur Federation "Unifight" Novikov Sergey, vice-President of Bulgarian federation Unifight Ivanov Tanev Ivan, vice-president of Romanian Federation Unifight Gosav Mihai, Unifight representative in Greece Saleptsis Konstantinos, Unifight representative in Germany Gebel Alexander, Unifight representative in Lithuania Stanchaytis Valdemaras and the referee of Unifight Federation of Azerbaijan - Ismailov Ilshan. With warmth and hope were expressed the greetings words to the athletes, wishing successful starts and deserved victory.

As always, the first days of the competition, held in the hall of the sports complex were duels in “Unifight light." The winners of the championship in this discipline among women were: Mordvina Lubov (up to 48kg, Russia), Razvalyaeva Daria (up to 52kg, Russia), Shlyakhtina Marina (up to 57kg, Russia), Olesya Aseeva (up to 63kg, Russia), Vasilenko Karina (up to 70kg , Russia), Brata Rebecca Lavinia (up to 78kg, Romania) and Elena Hakimova (+78kg, Russia).

Among men, the whole "golden" pedestal was Russian ... Zagarinsky Nikita (up to 60kg), Durymanov Fedor (up to 65kg), Meshcheryakov Sergei (to 70kg), Yevgeny Lukin (up to 75kg), Tikhonov Andrey (up to 80kg), Kavin Sergei (to 85kg), Tonkolubov Ilya (up to 90kg), Solmin Alex (to 95kg) and Ssorin Sergei (+95kg).

Subsequent days with spectacular fights were among men in Unifight classic ... And here Russian athletes in all weight categories among men took the "gold"! Names of winners - Zagarinsky Nikita (up to 60kg), Yunusov Hamir (up to 65kg), Pshibihov Aslan (up to 70kg), Bikram Dmitry (up to 75kg), Gagiev Sergei (up to 801kg), Magomedov Karim (up to 85kg), Vezhenko Dmitry (up to 90kg ) Khatuev Ayub (up to 95kg) and Sviridov Alexey (+95kg).

Among women, the main competition was between athletes from Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Russia. Russian athletes in all weight categories, except "to 70kg," took first place - Mordvina Lubov (up to 48kg), Petenok Margarita (up to 52kg), Rozhkova Nadejda (up to 57kg), Balko Catherine (up to 63kg), Alipova Olesya (up to 78kg ) and Romaneskul Tatiana (+78kg). In the weight category up to 70 kg the "gold" took away the home athlete from Romania - Nagi Guris Catalina.

With great interest and curiosity for the competition watched young athletes who spent their summer vacations and sports training at the sports center. Impressions of their stay permanently in memory than they will share with their friends and classmates after the holidays.

European Championship is finished and in the fall athletes will gather again to compete in overcoming the obstacles in accuracy, skill, strength and skill at Unifight World Championships, which will be held here in the town Medyn, from 10 – 16, November.



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