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18.09.2014. Russian athletes won "gold" in Unifight World Championship "light"...

Yesterday ended the competitions among boys and girls in the age groups 14-15, 16-17 years old in Unifight World Championship "light".

During two days, around 190 athletes competed for the title of a winner of Unifight world championship "light" 2014. At the zone of obstacles and the ring worked referees from Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Russia, under the leadership of the Head of referees board of FIAU, referee of the international category Chumlyakov Andrei.

September , 16 - opening ceremony of the championship. Greeted the competitors approached the president of the International Federation Unifight Novikov Sergey, Vice-President of the National Federation Unifight of Uzbekistan Zakirbekov Yashnarbek, general secretary of the International Federation Unifight Nesynova Tatiana, chairman of the referees board of FIAU Chumlyakov Andrei and vice- president of the Russian sports federation "Unifight " Danilov Yuri.

Atmosphere of the opening ceremony of the competitions graced the performance of dance group of Medyn House of Culture named TEK.

The winners of the world championship in Unifight "light" became Russian athletes:

in the age group 14-15 years among girls: Bratischeva Maria (up to 37kg), Bodrova Anastasia (up to 42kg), Mihaylova Sofia (up to 47kg), Kosourova Alina (up to 52kg), Mytareva Catherine (+52kg);

in the age group 14-15 among boys: Youckin Kirill (up to 45kg), Lugansky Vadim (up to 50kg), Volokonsky Anton (up to 55kg), Voevodin Fedor (up to 60kg), Katkov Nikita (up to 65kg), Schults Eugene (up to 70kg), Parshutin Ruslan (+70kg);

in the age group 16-17 years among girls: Starukhina Alena (up to 47kg), Potaenko Christina (up to 52kg), Alexeenko Angelina (up to 57kg), Kachkaeva Arina (up to 62kg) ,;

in the age group 16-17 years among boys: Agamiryan Sergey (up to 55kg), Epifantsev Daniel (up to 60kg), Khvoinitsky Dmitry (up to 65kg), Zubanov Alex (to sv.70kg) Tashlanov Daniel (up to 75kg), Gorinskiy Yaroslav (up to 81kg), Artem Andreev (+80kg).

The shortest bout was held by Volokonsky Anton, just 7 seconds in one stroke he "laid" his opponent in the ring. Lugansky Vadim was the most quick and agile at the zone of obstacles, he overcame it during 36 seconds. Among girls distinguished Kachkaeva Arina, during 36 seconds she defeated rival on the ring.

Competitions are continuing through the next two days, determined the winners of the championship in the unifight classic ...



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