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22.09.2014. Unifight World Championship among boys and girls 14-17 years old has finished.

On Saturday, September . 20, the winners of Unifight world championship among boys and girls in the age groups of 14-15, 16-17 years (classic) were determined.

The winners of Unifight world championship in the age group 14-15 years were:

Among girls : Abdullayeva Munira (up to 37kg, Uzbekistan), Pelevina Elvira (up to 42kg, Russia), Ospatova Jamila (up to 47kg, Russia), Kosourova Alina (up to 52kg, Russia), Mazneva Anna (+52kg, Russia);

Among boys: Youckin Kirill (up to 45kg, Russia), Lugansky Vadim (up to 50kg, Russia), Volokonsky Anton (up to 55kg, Russia), Dmitry Deniskin (up to 60kg, Russia), Isroilov Azizbek (up to 65kg, Uzbekistan), Arkady Popov (up to 70kg, Russia), Ilya Pynzar (+70kg, Russia);

In the age group 16-17 years, the "gold" among Russian girls Starukhina Alena (up to 47kg), Potaenko Christina (up to 52kg), Pak Jeanne (up to 57kg) and Kachkaeva Arina (+62kg).

Among boys the winners were : Proskurin Dmitry (up to 55kg, Russia), Azizov Shahzod (up to 60kg, Uzbekistan), Denis Romanov (up to 65kg, Russia), Alexey Zubanov (up to 70kg, Russia), Kuznetsov Sergey (up to 75kg, Russia), Dushechkin Nikita (up to 80kg, Russia), Artem Andreev (+80kg, Russia).

Here, in the sports complex, for two days competitions of sports knife throwing have passed. Athletes in the age groups 14-15 and 16-17 years gathered to compete in accuracy throwing knife at distances of 3m, 5m and 7m and determine the winners of the world championship.

Two weeks later the doors of sports complex will open for the participants of Unifight World Championship among juniors, which starts on October , 6 ...



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