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13.10.2014 World unifight championship among juniors took place in Kaluga region.

World Unifight Championship among juniors 18-20 years was ended on October , 10. Grand opening ceremony of World Unifight Championship was held on October ,7. The President of the International Federation «Unifight» Novikov Sergey and Secretary General of the Federation Nesynova Tatiana , Vice-President of Russian Federation Danilov Yuri, the member of the Executive Committee of FIAU, the president of National Federation of Syria Fadi Mastow spoke with welcoming speech to the participants of the competitions.

On the obstacle course and the ring worked referee board headed by the chief referee of FIAU, Chumlyakov Andrey.

As always, in the first days of the championship, in the duels for the title of the winner were in unifight light.

The champions among juniors – women are: Ekaterina Volkova (up to 48kg, Russia), Anait Sahakyan (up to 52kg, Russia), Anisichkina Lyubov (up to 57kg. Russian), Britsyna Anna (up to 62kg, Russia), Natalia Maloletkina (up to 70kg, Russia), Olesya Alipova (+70kg, Russia);

The champions among junior – men are: Gzhesyak Roman (to 60kg, Russia), Nikolai Gordeev (up to 65kg, Russia), Sergey Shobanov (up to 70kg. Russian), Nuraly Botyr (up to 75kg. Russian), Irzhanov Daniel (up to 80kg, Russia), Nikita Dushechkin (up to 85kg. Russia) Tuganov Azamat (up to 90kg, Russia) Tongodubov Ilya (up to 95kg, Russia), Igor Morozkin (+95kg, Russia).

Russian athletes were the first and in Unifight "classic".

The champions among juniors – women are: Nikiforov Alina (up to 45kg), Repina Alain (up to 48kg), Tibilova Zarina (up to 52kg), Larchenko Catherine (up to 57kg), Ovcharik Catherine (up to 62kg), Maloletkina Natalia (up to 70kg), Lareeva Natalia (+70kg);

The champions among junior – men are: Sergei Sokolov (up to 60kg), Evgeny Ignatiev (up to 65kg), Roman Ivanov (up to 710kg), Marat Isaev (up to 75kg), Alexei Kharlamov (up to 80kg), Yanpolsky Egor (up to 85kg), Atakishev Michael (up to 90kg ), Maxim Gorbunov (up to 95kg), Mamaev Kamal (+95kg).

In two weeks the sports complex will open its doors for the students athletes - participants in the first Unifight world championship among students.



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