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30.10.2014. About Unifight International Tournament which was held within the framework of the 4th World Martial Arts Festival.

October 24-28, 2014 the 4th World Martial Arts Festival was held in Istanbul (Turkey) by the International Federation of Martial Arts Festival (headquarters Teheran, Iran, President Mohammad Nouhi).

The festival was attended by athletes of different martial arts from around the world. The Russian delegation was headed by the president of Chelyabinsk regional sports federation "Unifight" Abdullayev Raghib Naib oglu.

Unifight International Tournament was included in the program of this festival. It was attended by athletes from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

The winners of the tournament Unifight "Light" among men became athletes of Azerbaijan Republic Teyubzade Ulvi (up to 60kg), Farzaliev Muradhan (up to 90kg), Massimov Tahir (up to 95kg); women - Lina Primak (up to 57kg, Ukraine).

In Unifight "classics" among men - Omid Kormandzhiri (up to 60kg, Iran), Huseynov Musa (up to 65kg, Russia), Orhan Gurbanov (up to 70kg, Azerbaijan), Nijat Aliyev (up to 75kg, Azerbaijan), Ali Aliyev (up to 80kg, Uzbekistan), Urunov Umid (up to 85kg, Uzbekistan), Grebenuk Vitali (+95kg, Ukraine); among women - Ovcharik Catherine (up to 70kg, Russia)

Participating unifighters in Unifight International Tournament - this is an opportunity to express themselves and demonstrate Unifight in the world.

The Executive Board of FIAU would like to thank the organizers of the festival: the leadership of the International Federation of Martial Arts Festival, the receiving side - Ministry of Sport, Youth and Physical Culture of Turkey for the opportunity to participate in a sport event such a high level.

The Executive Board of FIAU wishes to thank the first vice-president of FIAU, President of the Azerbaijan federation "Unifight" Gasanov Azer for organizing Unifight International Tournament in Turkey.

Also Thanking the representative of FIAU in Turkey Mr.Adem Yalcin.



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