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13.11.2014. The names of the winners of Unifight world championship in the discipline of " Unifight - Light " among men and women ...

The competitions in the discipline of "Unifight - Light "at Unifight World Championship among men and women ended, which was launched on November, 10 in the town of Medyn, Kaluga region, Russia. About 200 athletes from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, India, Nepal, Russia and other countries took part in the Unifight "light."

The ceremony of opening of Unifight World championship on November, 11attended by: the 1st Vice -President of FIAU, president of Unifight Federation of Azerbaijan Hasanov Azer; the President of Asian Federation Unifight, president of Unifight Federation of Tajik Karimov Sobur; the President of Unifight Federation of India, vice-president of Asian Federation Unifight Vishal Singh; the president of Unifight Federation of Germany Gebel Alexander; the president of the Federation Unifight of China Shi Xingfeng ; the Member of the Executive Committee of FIAU, the president of the Federation of Kaluga region "Unifight" Danilov Yuri; the Treasurer of FIAU Bagdanavichyus Vladas (Lithuania); the Secretary General of FIAU Nesynova Tatyana (Russia). The President of the International Amateur Federation Unifight Novikov Sergei welcomed the participants of the championship.

At the World Championship with a friendly visit, a delegation from China led by the Director General of the Federation Ma Li. Co-chairman of the Federation Unifight China Shi Xingfeng gave a brief interview to the Russian TV channel about his visit to Unifight World Championship. Just some questions from the TV program "Events of the week" replied the president of the International Federation of Novikov Sergei, the president of the Federation of Azerbaijan Unifight, the 1st vice-president of FIAU Hasanov Azer, the chief referee of the competitions Chumliakov Andrey , which operates under the supervision of the refereeing, and other representatives, and participants of the championship.

Interesting and exciting fights were the second and third day, where the first semi-finalists were determined, and then the finalists, champions and winners. Many duels in the ring lasted a little more than 10-15 seconds. Not always the bullets hit the target, and the knife falls outside the circle, but the athletes do not give up and keep fighting.

And today announced the world champions and medalists in the discipline of "Unifight- light "

On the top step of the podium rose and became champions:

among men: Giunashvili Lasha (up to 60kg, Georgia), Nijaradze Soso (up to 65kg, Georgia), Kurbanov Ohran(up to 70kg, Azerbaijan), Nijat Aliyev (up to 75kg, Azerbaijan), Kapanadze Bekary (up to 80kg, Georgia), Kostoev Albert (up to 85kg, Russia), Tonkodubov Ilya (up to 90kg, Russia), Salmin Alexei (up to 95kg, Russia), Vasiliev Evgeny (+95kg, Russia).

among women: Russian sportsmen- Baykova Tatiana (up to 48kg), Kotova Julia (up to 52kg), Safronova Olga (up to 57kg), Aseeva Olesya (up to 63kg), Kryukova Olga (up to 70kg), Alipova Olesya (up to 78kg), Kulbabenko Tatiana (+78kg).

among the teams event : the first place - Russia, the second- Georgia, the third-Azerbaijan.

We congratulate the champions and the winners of the competitions with a well-deserved awards and wish further sporting victories, good luck in everything and health!

World Championship continues ...



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