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18.11.2014. Unifight World Championship among men and women ended...

Unifight World Championship among men and women, which lasted from the 10th to the 17th of November, in the final duels of "Unifight - classic" yesterday ended.

In the championship were played on 16 sets of medals in each discipline.

In the team competitions of Unifight - classic the first place, as in Unifight-Light, was wined by the team of Russia, the second place - the team of Azerbaijan, the third place - the team of Kazakhstan.

Among men in the individual event champions of unifight - classic were Russian athletes:

Smirnov Rinat (up to 60kg), Balovin Eugene (up to 65kg), Pshibihov Aslan (up to 70kg), Sledkov Roman (up to 70kg), Tahirov Alavdin (up to 80kg), Ruzanov Andrew (to 85kg), Antonov Anton (up to 90kg), Vezhenko Dmitry (up to 95kg), Pavlovich Sergei (+95kg).

Among women: Russian sportsmen won the first place in almost all weight categories except 70kg. In this weight class the sportsman from Kazakhstan Baylieva Raisa has become the world champion. Gold medals were awarded : Mordvinova Lubov (to 48kg), Evdokimova Olesya (up to 52kg), Safronova Olga (up to 57kg), Balko Catherine (up to 63kg), Kadykova Elena (up to 78kg) and Ampleeva Mary (+78kg).

Refereeing of the competition at Unifight World Championship carried out under the direction of the chief referee , of the international top-class Chumlyakov Andrei (Russia). The composition of the board of referees included: Chief Secretary Teltevsky Andrey (Russia), Deputy Chief Secretary Akimov Maxim (Russia), Deputy Chief referee Dvorov Sergei (Russia), the referee in the ring, obstacle course and side referee - Ismailov Elshan (Azerbaijan) Goncharov Yuri (Russia), Platonov Andrei (Russia), Shemyakina Nadejda (Russia), Ivanov Vladimir (Russia), Kadyrov Nadir (Uzbekistan), Gebel Alexander (Germany), Tutiaev Pavel (Russia), Safihanov Agamed (Azerbaijan), Petukhov Vladimir (Russia), Marfin Alexander (Russia), a doctor Malinina Lydia(Russia).

Unifight World Championship closed competition season of 2014. Ahead of the competition in the winter universal fight ...



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