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19/11/2015 are named champions and winners of Unifight World Championship in the discipline of "unifight light "...

The competitions in the discipline of " unifight "light" are finished at Unifight World Championship among men and women, which started on November, 16 in the town of Medyn Kaluga region. More than 150 athletes from Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Germany, Finland, Russia, Belarus and other countries took part in unifight "light."

At the opening of Unifight World Championship, which took place on November, 17 with a welcoming speech to the participants addressed: the 1st vice - president of FIAU, the president of Azerbaijan Federation "Unifight" Hasanov Azer; Vice-president of FIAU, president of the Asian Federation "Unifight" Karimov Sobur; member of the Executive Committee of FIAU, president of Federation of Kaluga "Unifight" Danilov Yuri; Secretary General of FIAU Nesynova Tatiana and the director of "EvroFarmSport" Ushakova Olga - a partner of the competitions.

The first semi-final duels were interesting and exciting where determined the champions and winners. At the end of the final duel Russian sportsman Magomedov Haybula in the weight category of 95+ kg won a clear victory for 11 seconds.

Athlete from Kazakhstan Baylieva Raisa in the weight category 78kg won a clear victory for 21 seconds over the Russian woman.

World champion in the discipline of "unifight" light" among men were Russian athletes: Milovidov Alex (up to 60kg), Durymanov Fedeor (up to 65kg), Holtobin Ruslan (up to 70kg), Nuraly Botyr (up to 75kg), Burov Andrei (up to 80kg) , Kostoev Albert (up to 85kg), Aslan Kurbanov (up to 90kg), Buderatsky Nikolay (up to 95kg), Magomedov Haybula (+ 95kg).

The women, mostly athletes from Russia also rose to the highest step of the podium - Pokachalova Eugene (up to 48kg), Petenok Margarita (up to 52kg), Kuznetsova Alina (up to 57kg), Milovzorova Alexander (up to 63kg), Shlyakhtina Marina (up to 70kg ) Alipova Olesya (+78kg). Only in the 78kg weight category lost to Russian woman Irina Murzaeva athlete from Kazakhstan Baylievoy Raisa, who became the world champion.

In the team event the first place team of Russia, the second - the team of Kazakhstan, the third place - Azerbaijan. Champions and winners were awarded with medals and diplomas of FIAU, valuable gifts from partners of the championship. For team place teams were awarded prizes. In awarding the champions and winners of the world championship was attended by the presidents and vice - president of National Federation «Unifight» of countries - participants of the championship, as well as the rector of the church of the Intercession Medyn Father Maxim, who gave the champions the book Anatoly Hlopotsky "And the eternal fight ...".

19/11 /15 a meeting of members of the Executive Committee of FIAU, the presidents of the National Federations "Unifight" chaired by the President of the International Amateur Federation «Unifight» Novikov Sergey which was attended by the vice-president of FIAU, president of German Federation "Unifight" Gebel Alexander; President of the Republican public association "Federation Uniboi" Sport knife throwing of the Republic of Kazakhstan Akimov Olzhas; President of Finland Federation of "Unifight and Winter Unifight" Smolyanov Anatoly; Chairman of Belarus Federation "Unifight" Valdaytsev Alexander; President of the Asian Federation, vice-president of FIAU Karimov Sobur; President of Nepal "Unifight" Federation Dhananjaya Shrestha; Chairman of FIAU referee board Chumliakov Andrey, chairman of the Lithuanian federation "Unifight", member of the executive committee, treasurer of FIAU Bagdanavichyus Vladas , Secretary General FIAU Nesynova Tatiana.

World Championship continues ...



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