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25.11.2015 Unifight World Championship among men and women has finished…

Unifight World Championship among men and women, which lasted from 16 to 23 of November, has finished with the final duels in Unifight "classics". 16 sets of medals were played in each discipline in the championship. In the team standings Unifight (classic), as in "Light", the Russian team took the first place, the second place - the team of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the third place - the team of Azerbaijan.

Presidents and Vice - Presidents of National Federations «Unifight» of countries - participants of the championship and the chief specialist of the development of high performance sport of Kaluga Region Ministry of Sports Matvienko Igor awarded the winners of the championship by the medals, diplomas and valuable gifts.

In the individual event world champion in unifight (classic) among men were Russian athletes:

Mutachev Arsen (up to 60kg), Treskin Alexander (up to 65kg), Kurbanov Arafat (up to 70kg), Bikram Dmitry (up to 75kg), Hizriev Aliaskhab (up to 80kg), Davydov Denis (up to 85kg), Ruzanov Andrey (up to 90kg), Omarov Kurban (up to 95kg), Vejenko Dmitry (+95kg).

Women Russian athletes took first place in almost all weight categories, except up to 78kg. In this weight category, as well as last year, the world champion athlete from Kazakhstan Baylieva Raisa became. The following sportsmen were awarded by the Gold medals: Gukova Alexandra (up to 48kg), Petenok Margarita (up to 52kg), Safronova Olga (up to 57kg), Rozhkova Nadezhda (up to 63kg), Vasilenko Karina (up to 70kg) and Boldakova Eugenia (+78kg).

Refereeing at Unifight World Championship was carried out under the supervision of the Chief referee , the referee of the international-class Chumlyakov Andrey (Russia).

The composition of the board of referees was the following : Chief Secretary Teltevsky Andrey (Russia), Deputy Chief Referee Dvorov Sergey (Russia), the referee in the ring, obstacle course and side referee - Ismayilov Elshan (Azerbaijan), Goncharov Yuri (Russia), Platonov Andrei (Russia ), Gebel Alexander (Germany), Valdaytsev Alexander (Belarus), Korbelaynen Maria (Finland), Altyruov Kazbek (Kazakhstan), Spirkin Vladimir (Russia), Sirodzhov Bahriddin (Tajikistan), Sadykov Yalkunzhan (Kazakhstan), Makhort Dmitry (Belarus), Petruhin Dmitry (Russia), Ivlev Edward (Russia) and the doctor Malinina Lydia.

Referees who participated in referee seminar were awarded by the certificates.

The Competitions covered by Kaluga broadcasting company "Nika".

Unifight World Championship racing season closed 2015year. Ahead of the competitions in winter unifight and the new season 2016 ...



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