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23.07.2016. The Report of Unifight European Championship Iran

In Romania, the town of Ploiesti, Unifight European championship among men and women has passed. National team of Russia, under the leadership of coach Platonov Andrey was represented by 44 athletes and coaches. President of International Federation amateur Unifight (FIAU) and Russian federation "Unifight" Novikov Sergey headed the Russian delegation, Russian national team before the championship held training at the sports base "Russian fight" in the town of Medyn, Kaluga region.

Unifight European Championship took place in the sports complex «Club Sportive GOLDEN GLOVES» in the town of Ploesti, and they began with preliminary duels in the discipline of "unifight light".

In the evening, July 19, the grand opening ceremony of the championship was held . With a welcoming speech to the participants of the competition the President of FIAU Novikov Sergey, have addressed, general secretary of FIAU Nesynova Tatiana, the main organizer of the championship, the president of the Romanian National Federation Bogdan Neagu, as well as the presidents and the representatives of Unifight national federations of countries participating in the competitions. There was a press conference for the media. The competitions covered the TV company of Romania.

July 20, held the final fights among athletes in the discipline of "unifight light ", which determined the champions and winners of the European Championship.

Then, the competition continued among the athletes in the discipline "unifight classic". According to the results of both disciplines Russian athletes took the first team place.



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