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22.11.2016. World Championship among men and women is closed ...

The final duels in the discipline of unifight "classic" ended the world championship among men and women in sports hall "Russian fight" in the town of Medyn.

Men and women in the fight for the world title High showed technical fight and overcome the obstacle. Exciting, interesting fights have not left indifferent spectators, coaches and athletes. Almost all the "gold" was a Russian podium, except in the weight category up to 65 kg among men - has become a world champion athlete from the Republic of Tajikistan Boboev Umedzhon.

World Champions Names 2016: among women - Mordvina Liubov (48kg), Razvalyaeva Daria (52kg), Safronova Olga (57kg), Rozhkova Nadejda (63kg), Astapenko Christina (70kg), Shevtzova Maria (78kg), Kadykova Elena (78 + kg );

Among men - Kvacha Alexander (60kg), Boboev Umedzhon (65 kg, Tajikistan), Ryabkov Alex (70kg), Pshibihov Aslan (75kg), Mammaev Gadzhiatta (80kg), Schurov Yuri (85kg), Ruzanov Andrei (90kg), Vezhenko Dmitry (95kg), Hagazhaev Aslan (95 + kg).

In the team event of unifight (classic) places were distributed as follows: first place - the team of Russia, the second - the team of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the third - the team of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Between the final match athletes champions and representatives of the national federations shared their impressions about the championship with a local TV reporter.

All the champions and winners of the championship were awarded with medals, diplomas and memorable gifts of the International Amateur Federation "Unifight", and the team - memorable cups. Awarding ceremony of the champions and the winners of the world championship was attended by: the presidents of national federations, heads and vice - presidents of the International Amateur Federation "Unifight".

Deputy chief of the sports club "Arsenal" (Moscow), colonel Andrei Vyborniy, along with the head coach of the national team of Russia, Andrei Platonov awarded a commemorative anniversary medal "80 years of Presidential Regiment" to Novikov Sergei - President of the International Amateur Federation "Unifight", President of All-Russian sports federation "Universal fight".



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