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21.12.2016. World Winter Unifight Championship among men and women is closed ...

Despite of 15 degrees below zero frost last weekend stood out really hot. For the first time in the town of Kotlas on a large-scale measures sporting event - the World Winter Unifight Championship was held.

26 athletes from 13 countries such as Russia, India, France, especially a lot of the Arab countries. Their battle hardened and exotic approach to ski racing and combat in the snow impressed and did not leave anyone indifferent.

The opening of the championship was attended by the head of the municipality "Kotlas" Bralnin A., the head of Sport Agency of Arkhangelsk region Kuznetsov A., the head of the municipality "Kotlas area" Bralnina S., the Chairman of the Committee of Physical Culture and Sports of the municipality "Kotlas" Pautov A., the President of the International amateur Federation "Unifight" Novikov S.

The opening ceremony of the championship competition organizers tried to make as short as possible. After all, the representatives of Arab States, in the homeland of them is now warm and the sun is shining in the harsh northern winter and already had tight. Many of them saw snow for the first time. Yes, there is snow, the real test for the southerners were Russian frosts. 400 meters ski distance, shooting from a pneumatic pistol, fighting in the snow - the steps that had to go to each participant of the world competitions. And women as well. There were four. Three Russians and the representative of India Rohini Dhansing Girase.

World Winter Unifight Championship was held thanks to close cooperation of the International Amateur Federation "Unifight" and Sergei Pynzar - Vice-President of the All-Russian sports federation "Unifight", the head of the Arkhangelsk regional department of the All-Russian sports federation "Unifight", Kotlas Martial Arts Federation.

All expenses for board and lodging athletes were at FIAU charges. FIAU also was responsible for the prize money. Kotlas as host - to solve organizational issues, including those engaged in site preparation for the world championship.

One of the most spectacular fights - became a quarterfinal - Ilya Pynzar with award-winning athlete from Tver - Botyr Nuraliyev the reigning world champion and European champion in unifight. Three-minute sparring ended with the victory of our compatriot. Ilya secured the semi-finals. In the semifinal, Ilya waited Botyr”s brother - 21-years old Temurbek Nuraliev - champion of Russia in winter unifight. Real ended of victory of Nuraliev. His final battle Temurbek Nuraliev held with a representative of the Lithuanian - Valdemaras Stanchaytis. As a result, the Russian sportsman pulled out a victory of Lithuanian sportsman , and became the absolute world champion in winter unifight. The bronze of the competition divided the Russian - Ilya Pynzar and Egyptian - Abdelrahman Abdelrahman.



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