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About business trip of the President of FIAU in Azerbaijan
(Baku, November 15-18 2004)

In the period from November 15 - 18, 2004 the President of FIAU Novikov S . had business trip in Baku (Azerbaijan) with the purposes of popularization and development of FIAU in the World.

In the program of 30th CISM World Military judo Championship it was represented the report of the President FIAU about development of Unifiight in the World with demonstration of DVD-film, the Rules of Unifight were explained, and also the demonstration fights with the participation of the strongest sportsmen of the Azerbaijan Federation Unifight (President of Federation - Gasanov A.)

Then the participants of a plenary meeting have tested an obstacle course and have given the highest evaluation of Unifight.

During the Championship the President of FIAU S.Novikov had the negotiations with the representatives of 27 countries of the World . So for example, with representative CISM of Poland the colonel R.Kalina, representative CISM of Turkey the colonel N.Varol, councilor of the directors, representative of Slovak delegation CISM the colonel J.Petrovic, representative CISM of Brasil the colonel J.Morisson de Moraes, representative CISM of Germany M.Kaempf . During these meetings the solution to develop "Unifight" in these countries in frameworks of CISM was accepted.





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