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VIII Championship “Sport knife throwing”
(November, 2 – 4, 2007, Uzbekistan Tashkent)

The results of the distances 5,7, 9 and absolute category (triathlon)

NameCountryDistance 5 мDistance 7 мDistance 9 мAbsolute category (triathlon)
1.Terentiev ValeryRussia37063651320110551
2.Grebnie AndreyRussia48523202250210552
3.Sedyshev MikhailRussia49012954225310103
4.Iakovkev AndreyРоссия4653310320549804

of World Unifight Championship among boys 10-11 and 12-13 years old
(5 -8,April. Russia, Medyn)

In the period of 5 -8th of April in Medyn (Russia) World Unifight Championship among boys 10-11 and 12-13 years old has passed.

The sportsmen from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan , Israel, Finland, Belarussia, Uzbekistan etc. participated in competitions.

Russian young sportsmen conquered 20 medals: 7 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 9 bronze medals.

The sportsmen from Ukraine conquered 2 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 7 bronze medals.

The sportsmen from Azerbaijan conquered 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal.

of the Championship of Internal Troops of Russian Federation
(July 24-26 2003 )

July 24-26 2003 in Vidnoie (Moscow area) the Third Championship of Internal Troops of Russian Federation from 14 commands was held, among which one there were 31 masters of sports.

In command superiority among commands of 1 group the first place with considerable advantage was scored by the command of the Moscow district of Internal Troops, the second place - Privolgskiy district of Internal Troops and the third place - Siberian district of Internal Troops of Russian Federation.

Among commands of 2 group (the educational institutions of Internal Troops of Russian Federation) best were: the St.-Petersburg military institute , Perm military institute, North-Caucasian military institute.

The winners in personal superiority:

65kg: Urudgev F. (Moscow district)
70kg: Musaev A. (Moscow district)
75 kg: Esedov (Saratov military institute)
80kg: Bannikov V. (Moscow district)
85kg: Sherbina (group "Russ")
90kg: Fomichiev (Sibirskiy district)
more than 90kg: Alakalov T. (Moscow district)

About Championship of Russia " Unifight "
( March 4-6 2003 Ufa)

9 departments, 19 regions, 97 participants
The champions became:
60kg: 1 place - Repin E. - Moscow, 2 place - Lojkin S. - St.-Petersburg, 3 place - Urudjev F. - Moscow, 3 place - Burtsev N.- Samara
65kg: 1 place - Martynenko I.- Kostroma, 2 place - Balovin E. - Perm, 3 place - Grigoriev A.- Novosibirsk, 3 place -Timochkin M. - St.-Petersburg
70kg: 1 place - Ochkin - Samara, 2 place - Galiev V. - Ufa, 3 place - Polosin S. - Ryazan, 3 place - Ahazov M - Ufa
75kg: 1 place - Kulinich A. - Ufa, 2 place - Kistanov V. - St.-Petersburg, 3 place - Gareev R. - Ufa, 3 place - Dudnik A.- Moscow
80kg: 1 place - Rudnev I .- St.-Petersburg, 2 place -Shishlo I. - Ryazan, 3 place - Smirnov A.- Ufa, 3 place - Ishuk S. -Kostroma
85kg: 1 place - Valliulin R. - Ufa, 2 place - Stepin V. - Kostroma, 3 place - Sherbakov R. - Ufa, 3 place - Balko V. - Omsk
90kg: 1 place - Ivanov A. -Ufa, 2 place - Snegiriev A. - Perm, 3 place - Nushik S. - St.-Petersburg, 3 place - Khetogurov O. - St.-Petersburg
95kg: 1 place - Beliaev U. - Kostroma, 2 place - Medvedev M. -Perm, 3 place - Zur - Ufa, 3 place - Iakhutov M. - Ufa
More than 95 kg: 1 place - Kharitonov S. -Riazan, 2 place - Smoliar V.- St.-Petersburg, 3 place - Aristov S. - Vladikavkaz, 3 place - Sosnovtsev - Ufa
Team among the departments have conquered:
The first place - team of ROSINKAS,
The second place - team of MVD of Russian Federation,
The third place - team of VV MVD of Russian Federation
Team among the regions have conquered:
The first place - Ufa,
The second place - St.-Petersburg,
The third place - Kostroma

About the First Championship of Russia of " Russian Fight "
( August 5-8 1999 Ivanovo)

13 commands, 67 participants have shared
The champions became:
(65): Jovtonog - Iamal, Chabanetsz - Krasnodar, Titov -Ivanovo, Bulgakov - Barnaul
(70): Smirnov -Ivanovo, Bychkov - Ivanovo, Bondaruik -Astrakhan, Beliavichus - Krasnodar
(75): Korochkin - Ivanovo, Soldatov (Moscow), Pivtszov - Astrakhan, Nikolatkin - Moscow
(80): Aliev (Moscow), Drozdov - Obninsk, Vorobiev - Iamal, Chalenko - Astrakhan
(85): Ushenko - Moscow, Korochkov - Perm, Vorobiev - Yamal, Chalenko - Astrakhan
(90): Popov - Obninsk, Gorunov - Riazan, Shigolev - Moscow, Kochetkov - Vladimir
More than 90: Aseikin -Ivanovo, Perviy - Iamal, Alkhimov - Obninsk, Gubin - Moscow.

About the Second Championship of Russia of "Russian Fight"
( May 6-8 2000 , Kstovo)

23 commands, 102 participants have shared
65: Repin, Govtonog -Iamal, Ermilov - N.Novgorod, Korniakov - Perm
70: Ochkin - Samara, Zubov -Perm, Alimhanov - N.Novgorod, Soldatov
75: Timchenko - Riazan, Stadnik, Petrov - Samara, Trofimov - Irkutsk
80: Varsees - N/Novgorod, Ushakov - Perm, Smirnov - Samara, Vorobiev - Iamal
85: Ushenko -OMON, Bakhtin, Tkachenko, Burtovoi
90: Olhovskiy - Kostroma, Popov - Obninsk, Afanasiev, Kochetkov - Vladimir
More than 90: Smoliar - St.-Petersburg, Kharitonov - Riazan, Kostuik - Ukraine, Vitols - Latvia

About an open Championship of Russia of "Russian Fight " in an absolute category
(May 17-20 2002 Kstovo)

31 participants
1 place - Smoliar St.-Petersburg, 2 place - Beliaeiv - Kostroma, 3 place - Vitols - Latvia, 3 place - Kharitonov -Riazan

The Report About the First Open Asian Unifight Championship

In Samarkand (Uzbekistan) on the 18 -20th , November 2005 the first Open Asian Unifight Championship has passed. 113 sportsmen from 14 countries participated in competitions. "Unifight" became discovery for many sportsmen. Having experienced themselves in kick-boxing, judo and other kinds of single combats, the sportsmen have appreciated Unifight as a new kind of sports. Seventh year Unifight World championships are carried out.

All duels have passed in interesting sporting strife, but the Uzbek school of single combats has appeared more strongly other.

The winners of the First Open Asian Unifight Championship are :

  1. Djumbaiev, 40kg (Uzbekistan)
  2. Usmanov E., 45kg (Uzbekistan)
  3. Abdulin R., 50kg (Uzbekistan)
  4. Khafizov D., 65kg (Uzbekistan)
  5. Sodikov R., 70 kg (Uzbekistan)
  6. Ashurov A., 75kg (Uzbekistan)
  7. Atrapov B., 80kg (Uzbekistan
  8. Kadyrov D., more than 80kg (Uzbekistan)
  9. The weight categories 55 and 60 kg were conquered by the Russian sportsmen Sagadeev I. and Oganian N.

During the championship the referee seminar was conducted by the referee of international category from Russia Kurbatov Sergey.

About the Fifth World Championship of " Unifight" (Russian Fight)

In Serbia - Montenegro, October on 1-3 of 2004 was held V World Championship of "Unifight" and " Sports throwing knife ". The sportsmen from 31 countries of the world from Europe, Asia, Northern America (Canada, Mexico) and Africa (Republic South Africa ) participated in the Championship. Most successfully the sportsmen of commands of Russia (7 first and 2 second places) and Ukraine (2 first and 5 third places) have appeared . Commands of 14 countries have the prize-winners of the World Championship.

The sportsmen from 10 countries participated in sports throwing knife. In all exercises of the program of competings the advantage was at the sportsmen of Russia: Yakovlev A., Terentyev V. and Grebnev A.,they have occupied all places on a pedestal of honour.

The leaders of commands and sportsmen were unanimous in an evaluation of organization of the Championship - excellent reception of sports delegations, high level of carrying out of all measures on the program of the Championship in fine arranged sporthall "Moravic" in Podgorica. In it a major merit of the chairman of Organizing Committee of World Championship, the Minister of internal affairs of Montenegro Mr.Djurovic, the President of Federation " Unifight" of Montenegro Mr. Miranovic, the President of Serbian Federation of "Unifight" Mr.Bejiatovic, the 1st vice- president of FIAU Mr.Mikhailovic and other members of organizing Committee of the Championship.

Winners and prize-winners of the Fifth World Championship of "Unifight"

Weight category Name of winner
I place
Name of winner
II place
Name of winner
III place
Name of winner
III place
60кg Russia Oleg Borisov Azerbaijan Mehdi Mediyev Romania Attila Gombos Ukraine Yuriy Romanko
65кg Russia Ilya Martynenko Moldova Vasile Cara Estonia Pjotr Soltruk Mexico Edvin Fohardo
70кg Ukraine Ygor Nazarenko Russia Nikolay Ochkin Latvija Jurijs Boreiko Bulgary Georgi Shishkov
75кg Russia Artem Dudnik Lithuania Jan Kacanovskij Moldova Victor Spinei Montenegro Vesko Djukic
80кg Ukraine Konstyantyn Butenko Russia Makhach Gadisov Azerbaijan Samir Ilyasli Romania Bela Markos
85кg Russia Vladislav Stepin Lithuania Dmirijus Smirnovas Azerbaijan Rashad Guliyev Ukraine Pavel Gorlatov
90кg Russia Shamil Magomedov Armenia Arman Oganjan Ukraine Ruslan Ivanchuk Lithuania Mindaugas Godliauskas
95кg Russia Temirlan Alakavov Moldova Radu Baranov Ukraine Dmytro Popov Swiss Stefane Bobbe
over 95кg Russia Vladimir Moshkatyuk Montenegro Mirko Vlahovic Ukraine Valery Bondar Italy Danilo Capuzi

About the First Open European Championship of "Unifight"
( March 6-7 2004, Chekhov)

On the 5-7th of March this year in Palace of sports "Olympiyskiy" in Cekhov of the Moscow region was held the First Open European Championship of "Unifight " (in the register of kinds of sports in Russia - "Russian fight ").

The sportsmen from 16 countries have shared in duels of " Unifight ", of " Sports knife throwing" - 7 countries .

The medals of the Championship were conquered by the sportsmen from 14 countries. Most successfully have appeared the sportsmen from Russia (8 first places, 1 second place, 2 third places), Romania (3 second, 2 third places) and Azerbaijan (2 second, 3 third places) .

In " Sports knife throwing" all prize-winning places were divided with the sportsmen of Russia.

The champions of European Championship of " Unifight" are: Lojkin S. (60kg) -. St.-Petersburg, Martynenko I. (65kg) - Kostroma , Galiev V. (70kg) - Ufa, Dudnik A. (75 kg) -. Moscow, Shishlo I. (80kg) -. Ryazan, Stepin V. (85kg) -. Kostroma, Medvedev M. (95kg) -. Perm, Sosnovtsev V. (+95kg) -. Ufa, Otsel (90kg) - Republica Moldova.

Winners of European Championship of of " Sports knife throwing" on a distance of 5 meters became Iakovlev A. (Samara), on a distance of 7 meters - Pavlukevich I. (Samara region).

Report of the results of European Championship of "Unifight" ( March 6-7 2004, Chekhov , the Moscow region)

Weight cathegory Name
1 place 2 place 3 place
60kg Lojkin S.
Moise F.
Mekhtiev M.
Shepin A.
65kg Martynenko I.
Albacheanu N.
Azizov A.
Constantin-Lasenko A.
70kg Galiev V.
Cachanovskiy I.
Tagiev N.
Boreiko U.
75kg Dudnik A.
Mamatov U.
Sotak I.
Stubi P.
80kg Shishlo I.
Ilyasly S.
Madiev H.
Zita O.
85kg Stepin V.
Smirnovas D.
Oganian O.
Cedik R.
90kg Otsel S.
Nushik S.
Barbieru L.
Godliauskas M.
95kg Medvedev M.
Bucur E.
Alakavov T.
Kantemirov O.
more 95kg Sosnovtsev V.
Iusif-Zade A.
Boriskin S.
Pastorek M.

The Fourth World Championship of "Unifight"
(28-30th of November 2003, Kiev)

On the 28-30th of November 2003 in Kiev the Fourth World Championship of "Unifight " has passed, in which one the personal superiority was disputed by 71 sportsmen from 25 countries of three continents (Europe, Asia, Northern America).

The largest sporting delegations were represented by: Russia (9), Ukraine (9), Moldova (7), Azerbaijan (7), Czechia (5), Turkmenia and Estonia - 4 sportsmen.

In informal command test of "Unifight " best were the sportsmen of Ukraine (5 first places, 1 second place, 1 third place), Russia (4 first places, 3 second places), Moldova (1 second and 4 third places).

Weight category surnames of winners and prize-winners, country
1 place 2 place 3 place 3 place
60kg Romanenko Y. Ukraine Repin E. Russia Chabanu I. Romania Akulshin V.Lithuania
65kg Martynenko I. Russia Albachanu N. Romania Akopian A. Armenia Kilimchuk A. Moldova
70kg Ochkin N. Russia Mekhtiev K. of Azerbaijan Kara V. Moldova Shishkov G. Bulgaria
75kg Kolesnik V. Ukraine Kistanov V. Estonia Beridze G. Georgia Geba Shtefan Romania
80kg Rudnev I. Russia Iliasly S. Azerbaijan Zita O. Czech Grizodub R. Ukraine
85kg Butenko C. Ukraine Valliulin R. Russia Baranov R. Moldova Cedik R. Czech
90kg Ivanchuk R.Ukraine Ozel S. Moldova Islamov Z. of Azerbaijan Csala G. Slovakia
95kg Popov D. Ukraine Iakhutov M. Russia Jantleev R. Kazakhstan Newman A. Finland
+ 95kg Kharitonov S. Russia Bondar V. Ukraine Biatiovich G. Serbia Butnaru L. Moldova

About the World Championship of "Unifight "
( November 8-9th 2002 St.-Petersburg)

November 8-9 2002 in St.-Petersburg the third World Championship of "Unifight " has passed, the sportsmen from 21 countries have shared in which one: Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Romania, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Uzbekistan.
The champions and prize-winners of the World Championship of " Unifight " are:
the category up to 60kg: Lojkin S. (Russia) - champion, Romanenko U. (Ukraine) - silver prize-winner, Rojakmens S. (Latvia) - bronze prize-winner, Akulshin M. (Lithuania) - bronze prize-winner
the category up to 65kg: Martynenko I. (Russia) - champion, Kilimchuk A. (Moldova) - silver prize-winner, Belobritsky A. (Ukraine) - bronze prize-winner, Svirkis T. (Lithuania) - bronze prize-winner
the category up to 70kg: Ochkin N. (Russia) - champion, Mekhdiev K. (Azerbaijan) - silver prize-winner, Shishkov G. (Bulgaria) - bronze prize-winner, Kara V. (Iieaiaa) - bronze prize-winner
the category up to 75kg: Esedov D. (Russia) - champion, Kolesnik V. (Ukraine) - silver prize-winner, Soltruk P. (Estonia) - bronze prize-winner, Coco E. (Romania) - bronze prize-winner
the category up to 80kg: Butenko K. (Ukraine) - champion, Minatulaev R. (Russia) - silver prize-winner, Efendiev R. (Azerbaijan) - bronze prize-winner, Zita O. (Czechia) - bronze prize-winner
the category up to 85kg: Snegiriev (Russia) - champion, Godliaskas M. (Lithuania) - silver prize-winner, Ibragimov E. (Azerbaijan) - bronze prize-winner, Gorlatov P. (Ukraine) - bronze prize-winner
the category up to 90kg: Lvov S. (Russia) - champion, Iniakhin V. (Ukraine) - silver prize-winner, Dolgov P. (Latvia) - bronze prize-winner, Islamov Z. (Azerbaijan) - bronze prize-winner
the category up to 95kg: Daurbekov A. (Latvia) - champion, Stiepin V. (Russia) - silver prize-winner, Starostenko I. (Ukraine) - bronze prize-winner, Trofimov S. (Germany) - bronze prize-winner
the category more than 95kg:
Smoliar V. (Russia) - champion, Popov D. (Ukraine) - silver prize-winner, Ivanov A. (Canada) - bronze prize-winner, Melnik D. (Latvia) - bronze prize-winner

About the First World Championship of Unifight
( December 15-17, 2000, Orenburg)

10 commands have shared: Belorussia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia (2 ) , Romania, Ukraine
50 participants of competitions in 7 weight categories
The champions became: Repin - Russia (up to 65 kilo), Ochkin - Russia (up to 70), Timchenko - Russia (up to 75), Eshenko - Russia (up to 80), Yushenko - Russia (up to 85), Olhovskiy-Russia (up to 90), Smoliar - Russia (more than 90)

About the Second World Championship of " Unifight "
(December 12-16, 2001 Samara)

20 commands have shared: Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, Iraq, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Finland, France, Estonia, Yugoslavia.
59 participants in 9 weight categories
The champions became: Repin - Russia (60), Avdonin-Russia (65), Ocnkin -Russia (70), Kolesnik - Ukraine (75), Matafonov - Russia (80), Yushenko - Russia (85), Kovalev - Ukraine (90), Beliaev Russia (95), Kharitonov - Russia (more than 95).

on Cup of Europe of "Unifight"
( May 24-26, 2002 Vilnius)

8 commands have shared: Belarussia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Estonia
48 participants in 8 weight categories
The champions became: Repin - Russia (60), Logkin -Russia (65), Kochanovskiy -Russia (70), Kolesnik - Ukraine (75), Ukraine (80), Godliauskas - Lithuania (85), Nushik - Russia (90), Daurbekov - Latvia (more than 90)

The prize-winners of the Fifth World Championship of "Sports throwing knife"

Name of the winner distance, result, place
  5 meters 7 meters doublefight
  result (points) place result (points) place result (points) place
Russia Andrey Yakovlev 390 2 340 1 730 1
Russia Valery Terentyev 370 3 275 2 645 2
Russia Andrey Grebnev 425 1 205 3 630 3

The report
About IY World Championship of "Sporting throwing a knife "
( November 28-30 2003, Kiev)

In the World Championship of "Sporting throwing a knife " 29 sportsmen from 11 countries were announced.
Best in a throwing of a knife were the sportsmen of Russia, Ukraine and Turkmenistan.
On a distance of 5 meters
I place with a sum 380 points (last series 40 points) has occupied Terentiev V. (Russia)
II place with a sum 380 points (last series 35 points) has occupied Iakovlev A.(Russia)
III place with a sum 320 points has occupied Grebnev A. (Russia)
On a distance of 7 meters
I place with a sum 280 points has occupied Iakovlev A. (Russia)
II place with a sum 225 points has occupied Terentiev V. (Russia)
III place with a sum 100 points has occupied Medvedovskiy G. (Russia)

About a Championship of Russia of "Sporting throwing of a knife"
( March 4-6 2003 Ufa)

22 participants from 8 regions

Distance of 5 meters
1 place - Iakovlev A. - Samara
2 place - Smirnov A. - Samara
3 place - Fisiun S. - Samara

Distance of 7 meters
1 place - Iakovlev A. - Samara
2 place - Smirnov A. - Samara
3 place - Fisiun S. - Samara

On the 5th of March 2003 the Conference of the Russian Sporting Federation "Unifight " has passed, on which the President of Federation S. Novikov spoke the report of the period from the September 2002 to the March 2003 , it was accepted solution to recognize the activities satisfactory. The members of the Presidium of Russian Federation of "Unifight " were selected as vice-presidents: Minaiev I. - the main adviser of the helper of the President for information policy, Sedov B. - the chairman of Sport Committee of ROSINKAS.

The calendar schedule of the competitions for following year was debated.

The composition of trainer's advice of the Russian Federation " Unifight " was selected, which was headed by the referee of an international category G.Kushnerik (Kostroma). In composition of trainer's advice have come the following coaches: Falieev D.(Ryazan), Shashin E. (Chita), Borshev I.(Krasnodar), Ganchuk U. (Saratov), Kaurov V. (Perm), Kurbatov S. (Ufa), Repin E. (Moscow), Smirnov (Samara).

About the World Championship of " Sporting knife-throwing"
Distance of 5 meters and 7 meters

November 8-9 2002 the World Championship of "Sporting knife- throwing" has passed.
On a distance of 5 meters the sportsmen from 9 countries have shared: Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Moldova, Poland, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Bulgaria.
The champions and prize-winners on a distance of 5 meters are: Iakovlev A. (Russia) - champion, Pavlukevitch (Russia) - silver prize-winner, Kovaliev V. (Ukraine) - bronze prize-winner
On a distance of 7 meters the sportsmen from 5 countries have shared: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belorussia, Estonia.
The champions and prize-winners on a distance of 7 meters are: Iakovlev A. (Russia) - champion, Kovaliev V. (Ukraine) - silver prize-winner, Terentiev V. (Russia) - bronze

The report on the First World Championship of " Sporting throwing of a knife "
(December 13, 2001 Samara)

26 participants
The champions became: Fazylov - Russia, Iakovlev - Russia, Kilimchuk - Moldova

on Cup of Europe of "Sporting throwing of a knife "
( May 25, 2002 Vilnius)

17 participants
The champions became: Iakovlev - Russia, Spechus - Lithuania, Kochanovskiy - Lithuania



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