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About the VII of Unifight World Championship and "Sporting throwing of a knife"

стивидорная компания
генеральный спонсор
Калининградская стивидорная компания - Эксклюзивный генеральный спонсор

Морской агент Дело
генеральный спонсор
Морской агент Дело - генеральный спонсор

морской торговый порт
генеральный спонсор
Калининградский морской торговый порт - генеральный спонсор

(Калининградский филиал)
официальный партнер
Росгосстрах (Калининградский филиал)- официальный партнер

Транс Балтика лайн
Транс Балтика лайн

Банк Балтика
Банк Балтика

Торговая марка
"Брызги Балтики"
Торговая марка "Брызги Балтики"

Отель "Гранд Палас"
Отель "Гранд Палас"

The VII Unifight World Championship and "Sporting throwing of a knife " has passed in Sporting complex "Youth" of Kaliningrad (Russia) on the 1-3 of September.

133 sportsmen from 35 countries have shared in competitions, from them 97 sportsmen acted in "Unifight " in 9 weight categories and 36 - in "Sporting throwing of a knife" on distances 5, 7, 9 meters and in absolute superiority.

The prize-winners of World Championship become the sportsmen from 16 countries. Russia has the greatest number of the conquered medals : 5 golden, 1 silver and 2 bronze; the team of Republic Byelorussia have conquered 1 golden and 2 silver medal; the team of Uzbekistan - 1 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals , the team of Azerbaijan - 4 bronze medals.

In " Sporting throwing of a knife " at the preliminary (qualifying) stage the sportsmen from 19 countries have shared. The main struggle for champion ranks was developed between the sportsmen of Russia, Lithuania and Byelorussia.

On a distance of 5 meters with the result 460 points has conquered Sedyshev Mikhail (Russia), on a distance of 7 meters best was Bruhanov Andrey (345 points), on a distance of 9 meters the veteran of sporting throwing of a knife Yakovlev Andrey (235 points) has conquered; in absolute superiority(championship) with the result 965 points victory has gained Sedyshev Mikhail (Russia).

In days of conducting of Unifight World championship the Congress of the International Federation " Unifight" (FIAU) was held, on which one the number of the relevant solutions was accepted: the report of the President FIAU Novikov S., the evaluation of operation of executive Committee for an accounting period is given; the variations in the Rules of conducting of competitions on throwing of a knife are affirmed; the registered in the current year new National Federations "Unifight" are accepted; candidate lists on appropriation of qualifying ranks FIAU to the sportsmen, coaches, judges, members of executive Committee, sponsors affirmed (with the corrections) . Among awarded the certificate "Bear- rank" is handed to the vice-president of the Russian federation "Unifight", the President of the St.-Petersburg Federation "Unifight" Mr.Turkov A. and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sea Commercial Port of Kaliningrad Mr.Kolesnik A.

List of champions and prize winners
The VIIth "Universal Fight"
World Championship

FinalistsPrize members
60 кg
Borisov Oleg - Russia
Мagdiev Rustam - Uzbekistan
60 kg
III place - Flamand Fabrice - Belgium
III place - Aliev Parviz - Azerbaijan
65 кg
Bilobritsky Andrey - Ukraine
Cara Vasily - Moldova
65 кg
III place - Deretski Artem - Russia
III place - Mammadov Ramin - Azerbaijan
70 кg
Galiev Vener - Russia
Umetbaev Rinat - Kyrgystan
70 кg
III place - Taghiyev Nijat - Azerbaijan
III place - Yusupov Muzaffar - Uzbekistan
75 кg
Abdullaev Alisher - Uzbekistan
Damkovsky Artem - Belarus
75 кg
III place - Nartov Dmitry - Russia
III place - Karaev Djamshid - Uzbekistan
80 kg
Yamaletdinov Ruslan - Russia
Andreev Andrey - Belarus
80 кg
III place - Kupis Bartlomiej - Poland
III place - Barchuk Olexandr - Ukraine
85 кg
Smirnov Dmitry - Lithuaniya
Stepin Vladislav - Russia
85 кg
III place - Shteinberg Arkadi - Israil
III place - Aliev Ruslan - Uzbekistan
90 кg
1st place -Voitov Dmitry - Belarus Russia
2 nd place - Mamilov Magomed
90 кg
III place - Yankovsky Sergei - Germany
III place - Iordan Marian - Romania
95 кg
Zybin Andrey - Russia
Oganyan Arman - Armenia
95 кg
III place - Sohbatov Jeihun - Azerbaijan
III place - Baranov Radu - Moldova
+95 кg
Zabalotny Dmitry - Kyrgystan
Gluhov Konstantin - Latvia
+ 95 кg
III place - Tanatbaev Baurjan - Kazahstan
III place - Bondar Valery - Ukraine

List of champions and prize winners
The World Championship "Sport throwing of a knife"

Distance 5 meters
1 place Sedyshev Mikhail (Russia) 460 points
2 place Terentiev Valery (Russia) 455 points
3 place Yakovlev Andrey (Russia) 420 points
Distance 7 meters
1 place Bryuhanov Andrey (Russia) 345 points
2 place Sedyshev Mikhail (Russia) 320 points
3 place Martynchuk Oleg (Byelorussia) 300 points
Distance 9 meters
1 place Yakovlev Andrey (Russia) 235 points
2 place Terentiev Valery (Russia) 195 points
3 place Sedyshev Mikhail (Russia) 185 points
4 place Grebnev Andrey (Russia) 155 points
Triathlon (5+7+9m) absolute category
1 place Sedyshev Mikhail (Russia) 965 points
2 place Yakovlev Andrey (Russia) 940 points
3 place Grebnev Andrey (Russia) 865 points
4 place Terentiev Valery (Russia) 850 points



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