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UNIFIGHT as an individual kind of sports is related to the development of applied single combats:

  • hand-to-hand fighting,
  • self-defense wrestling,
  • judo,
  • jiu-jitsu,
  • karate,
  • boxing, and kickboxing tied together with shooting,
  • cold steel throwing,
  • and the elements of shooting range.

Today unifight does not have an alternative in the sphere of applied kinds of sports. This kind of sports is attributed to unigue double events including the overcoming of a strip of obstacles, shooting, running, knife shying, and a fight in a ring admitting feet and hand knocking and suffocative painful techniques.

The popularity of unifight may be explained by the fact that single combats used as a background of special training of the personnel of institutions defending law and order and power structures have surpassed the limits of an official applied discipline and turned Into popular individual kinds of sports,

The popularity of unifight and the number of'' '' people who go in for unifight is rapidly increasing. Sportsmen from 11 countries took part in the World Unifight Championship held on December 2000. The sportsmen of 20 countries took part In the last Championship such as France, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Finland and other countries.



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